About Us

Vijay Warman


Vijay is a guide, meditator, intuitive spiritualist and community leader. His classes offer an experience of thoughtlessness, timelessness. With him, the whole being is engulfed in a flame of awareness. He offers various workshops on Chakra Healings, Meditation, Anti Anxiety, Anti Negativity, Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. He offers private consultations, group meditations and workshops.

Jennifer Rae


Jennifer Rae is a Natural Healer and Intuitive Guide, working with the mind, body, and spirit to balance her clients' energetic field to align with their higher selves.Jennifer incorporates intuitive counseling, spiritual life coaching, energetic repatterining, and meditation techniques into her healing practice. She offers one on one sessions, group meditations as well as workshops and seminars.

Peggy Breeze


Passion for study is one such blessing, and I have had the good fortune to study many aspects of balance including Yoga Asana, Yoga Therapy, Meditation, Ayurveda, Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Pilates, and Exercise Science. But more importantly, I have been able to share this knowledge through years of teaching, gaining more than 10,000-hours of hands-on experience.

Peggy Breeze | ERYT-500 | Ayurvedic Practitioner

Michelle Quiros


The space that I am aim to hold in my class is complete contentment. I ask all my students to show up as exactly as they are with zero expectations. I enjoy holding space for others to step on to their mat so they may dive inward as they grow + continue to learn about themselves. The creative sequencing I offer highlights our ability to move freely through our body. As we flow fluidly through the movement I guide my students to release old memories, traumas, and tension that our muscles tend to hold on to. Through this release we become more open, not only physically, but mentally as well, to allow our movement forward and lifeward to filled with love and gratitude.

Prakash Parameswaran


Prakash is a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher and a dedicated practitioner for over 10 years. He continues to study under the guidance of Randy Just and other Senior and Advanced level Iyengar yoga teachers including Eddy Marks, Mary Obendorfer, H.S Arun and Lois Steinberg. Classes are taught with focus on proper alignment, correct use of props to accommodate student’s range of motion and sequencing. Health issues brought Prakash to Yoga over a decade ago and with regular practice he continues to be inspired by the healing and transformative power of Yoga.

Prakash Parameswaran | Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher

Marina Ribo


After being a professional dancer for many years in Mexico, Marina moved to the US, tried her first yoga class and immediately fell in love with it. She started practicing over 15 years ago, and got certified as a Yoga instructor back in 2004 through the North Carolina School of Yoga. She has been teaching vinyasa flow yoga for almost 13 years, first in Raleigh NC, then in Salt Lake City, Ut, Mexico City,  and now in the Metroplex. She brings her dance backrgound into her classes with creative sequencing, graceful transitions and music. She is passionate and loves teaching, and along with her deep understanding of the yoga poses and the correct alignment of the body, she teaches her classes from her heart, creating a safe, inspiring and powerful environment for her students to explore and grow. 

Anandi Pancholi


Anandi was the name given to me on my diksha day upon completing 200 hrs . I have been teaching yoga from age of 16 at camps, nature cure center and schools in India and am  teaching in USA since 2015. I have experienced blissful moments through practicing and teaching Yoga and perusing various art forms (like singing, dancing, creating artwork). Consequently I feel it reverberates the positive energy throughout the day even while performing mundane duties and facing challenges. Yoga practices are comprehensive and universal to benefit every aspects of life to all ages. It is exciting for me to share this knowledge with every sect of our society. Moreover I am passionate about introducing yoga to children for empowering our next generation with tools and techniques to lead their life aiming to achieve bliss & well being rather than learning yoga in later ages to deal with stress and diseases. 

Lea Fritsch


The seeds of yoga were planted in 1974 by reading a book that featured stick figures in yoga postures! It was many years later that those seeds germinated when Lea took up the formal practice of yoga as a life long journey to earn her 200 hour certification in 2003 and her 500 hour certification in 2009 from Namaste USA, Scaravelli Inspired Yoga. It is through Vanda's teachings and her integrated mindbody approach to moving (using the ground, the breath and the spine) that fueled Lea's curious inquiry into movement as an essential part of integrating our inner (mind) and outer (body/soma) being, in other words Yoga. Through research she found F.M. Alexander ( Alexander Technique), Hanna Somatics and Feldenkrais. 

Miguel Angel


Shamanic Sound practitioner/healer.



Zedrouh channels messages of love and wisdom and bathes you in the divine frequencies of the Light Beyond All Light. Her songs, a magical blend of the Ancient Harmonics and the Language of Light, empower you to open your heart, realign with your authentic self and create a magical life of love, abundance and fulfillment.

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