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thursday evening mystic mandala meditations with Moksha vijay

Join Us Every Thursday and Transcend

Every Thursday 6:30pm-7:30pm The Mind Body connection has now been established as a known fact, just as the laws of manifestation work – you are what you think, you create your own destiny.

Allow yourself time to grow into the person you wish to become. Start with yourself and watch your life change. Mystic Mandala Meditations are nondenominational and we get many individuals from many walks of life. No experience is required, there is no attire- you simply come and just be.

All we ask is you have an open heart and allow the one hour be the change in you. Vijay also offers individual meditation, intuitive guidance, vastu shastra, astrology and spiritual life coaching. 

You may register by clicking the sign up button to your right. We ask you arrive 10 minutes prior to class as we start promptly at 6:30.

Learn More about Vijay

Vijay is the founder of Mystic Mandala ORG, a self realized guide and meditator, intuitive spiritualist and community leader. His classes offer an experience of thoughtlessness, timelessness. With him, the whole being is engulfed in a flame of awareness.

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Wednesday Evening Healing Meditations with Moksha Vijay

Dive into our Sacred Intuitive Healing Meditations

Realign your energetic body with higher consciousness using self healing techniques and connect to source.

Every Wednesday, experience new tools for deepening awareness, reconnect with your own divinity and healing painful energetic blocks that keep you from life’s spirit-filled beauty.

Healing requires that the emotional and physiological damage that is inherent in the mind-body manifestation to life's traumatic experiences are slowly and step-by-step dissolved, so that you can be what you might become.

These weekly sessions will guide and illuminate participants through

- The 5 elements
- The 7 chakras
- The 5 koshas
- The 9 governing vedic planets
- The 28 constellations (nakshatras)
- The ancient grief-healing wisdom of Mother earth.

Please come with an open heart and deep willingness to committing to changing your life. Dress comfortably, also bring the following -

- A bottle of water (preferably Copper)
- A blanket and your Yoga Mat.
- Eye Masks (Not necessary)
- Any ONE crystal (bracelet, pendant, Mala) that you wear

Open to ages 18 and up.Group session.

Class Fees : $25