Classes and Workshops


Our Values


Holistic living is a choice a responsibility of well-being to ones self and to the environment we live in. We provide the knowledge and resources to implement this into your day to day life.

Our Community


We are alone unless with eachother. Community is the foundation of Mystic Mandala Center, we encourage all to come and join our center, inspiring and encouraging all to become a part of the whole.

Our Mission


Our mission is to create an environment that encourages you to find what you seek being where you are in your life- physically, spiritually and financially, a foundation for where you are and where you want to be.


FAll Featured Programs

New Moon Kundalini Meditation

Once a month (date changes according to moon) Includes 4 Meditations in the span of two hours. Focusing on Tantric Healing and Kundalini. Chakra Clearing through sound and mantra,Sacred energy clearing and Manifestation along with various methods of rejuvenation through kundalini techniques, rituals and sacred tantric texts.  

Mystic Mandala Meditations with Vijay

Every Thursday 6:30pm-7:30pm The Mind Body connection has now been established as a known fact, just as the laws of manifestation work – you are what you think, you create your own destiny.

Sacred Full Moon Meditation and Ritual

Once a month (date changes according to moon) Includes Yoga Nidra and 3 additional Meditations Guided by Moksha Vijay and Ananda Kripa, Sound Healing offered by Gong Journeys Meditation Osten Aune and Sacred Mantra and Energy Clearing, various methods of rejuvenation through meditation techniques, rituals, sacred patterns and mantras. 

Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training 2020